Clutter is a curse that I think that we all suffer from. One minute we seem to be doing fine and the next minute, things have piled up more than we ever imagined, both literally and figuratively.  I do believe that everything in our home and workspace is a metaphor for what is going on in our life at any point in time.  I have seen in myself that when I am particularly stressed or unhappy at work, my house is a disorganized mess. When I finally find the energy to “dig out” and clean up, putting things where they belong, I feel that I actually do have control over something and feel much better about myself and the day ahead. When your environment is free of clutter then your life and mind can become less cluttered as well. We can’t control all things in our lives but this is one that we can.

Additionally, removing any items from your environment that cause negative thoughts or feelings will help you have a better day. For example, keep your work laptop at work (if you can, if not, put it away out of sight as soon as you are able). Do you have furniture that you inherited that you don’t like? Paint it, reupholster it or donate it. Do you still have items from a bad breakup in your home? Out they go! Only keep items that nurture and support you. Your home should be like a cocoon that you can return to at the end of each day to renew and re-energize for tomorrow.